Athletic Development Program

Improve balance, agility, conditioning, intensity, speed, strength and coordination with our state of the art athletic development program. Our program will break down particular sports movements and analyze specific energy systems to create a unique custom program.

This program is for student athletes of all ages and physical abilities.

Personal Training

Our fitness experts are available for affordable goal driven personal training sessions. 

Private Team Training

Our facility is available for rental for teams, coaches or just a group of friends who want to improve their sports performance.

We also have strength and conditioning coaches available to assist in program planning and/or implementation.


Learn the benefits of Yoga in a comfortable class for all levels of students.

Kinesio Taping

Wondering what that colorful tape on your favorite athlete is? Kinesio Taping, when applied properly, alleviates discomfort and facilitates lymphatic drainage by lifting the skin from the fascia.

This lifting increases interstitial space and decreases inflammation. Increasing blood flow and healing.

Come get taped by one of our certified taping professionals.

Body Forge Program

Body Forge is a training program that forges the human body to look like that of a superhero from the movies or comic books. Everyone loves the lean, muscular, and athletic build that actors and actresses sport in the movies when they play a superhero. From Batman to Wolverine, Superman to Spiderman or Wonder Woman to Storm, who doesn’t want to look like them?

At Advanced Health NY we have taken our over 50 combined years of knowledge and expertise in developing lean and athletic looking bodies to develop a fun system that can give anyone a superhero type body.

We used our vast understanding of how the human body moves and how it builds lean, strong muscle to develop a system that burns fat while building muscle. Our system is a combination of functional strength and conditioning exercises done in group sessions that works the body in all of its natural movement patterns while increasing your metabolism. We took science and made it fun to build lean muscle and burn fat.

Every Body Forge workout is scientifically designed around the way our bodies work in everyday life to build lean muscle while destroying fat. Every workout has a specific purpose, we don't just take a bunch of random exercises and throw them together to make you sweat.  Our workouts are not boring, repetitive or cult like.

Our team is comprised of doctors who specialize in rehabilitation medicine, physiology and exercise science. We merged science with training methods used by top athletes to forge the best program to get you in superhero shape!

Fitness Center

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