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Welcome to Advanced Health NY & Carmel Medical Care, PC, a unique health and wellness facility located in beautiful Carmel, NY. We offer a specialized and comprehensive team approach to treating our patient's conditions including pain, injury, general health, physical medicine, nutrition, chiropractic, weight and fat loss and more...

Our team combines the expertise of medical physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, nutritionists and anti-aging consultants.

Whether you have pain, suffered an injury, are not feeling well, want to lose weight and fat, are trying to get in shape, want to look and feel younger or even stave off the ravages of aging, our approach addresses the cause of a person's health issues . We don't treat symptoms, we find the system in the body that is not functioning properly and correct that, restoring health and relieving symptoms.

We accept most major insurance.

Request an appointment online or call Advanced Health NY in Carmel, New York (845) 228-7000

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We offer services to meet any and all of your healthcare needs. From anti-aging to pain management, from nutrition to therapy, we offer customized programs to bring out the best in your appearance, health and fitness.

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