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Alternative Pain Management

The medical staff at Advanced Health NY are trained to offer our patients individualized pain management treatments without narcotics for musculoskeletal pain based on a thorough evaluation with onsite diagnostics. Interventional pain management is used to manage pain to restore maximum function for the best quality of life possible. Onsite rehabilitation following interventional pain management treatment is an integral part of our comprehensive approach to ensure the best outcomes possible. Some of the alternative pain management techniques we provide are:

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy involves the use of safe, non-surgical, low power, cold laser to treat the painful area. Treatments only take a few minutes and studies have proven laser therapy to provide significant pain relief without side effects.

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections are used to relieve extremely painful areas of muscle that are very sensitive to touch and pressure. Our interventional pain management doctors carefully guide pain relieving medication injections under ultrasound guidance right to the source of the problem.

Joint Injection

Joint injections are a non-surgical treatment option for back pain, joint pain, and radiating pain. The procedure involves delivering pain medication directly to or near the source of the pain under ultrasound guidance in a short on-site in-office procedure.

We don't take care of people in pain well, and we use opiods as a substitute for comprehensive pain treatment.
- David Thomas, PhD, program officer, Division of Epidemiology, Services and Prevention Research, National Institute on Drug Abuse
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