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Knee Arthritis

Intra-articular Knee Joint Hyalgan Injections

Our board-certified team uses ultrasound guided intra-articular knee joint viscosupplementation injections as an advanced method of relieving knee pain . Intra-articular knee joint viscosupplementation injections are an ideal pain relief method for people with mild, moderate, severe, or bone-on-bone rubbing osteoarthritis. Intra-articular knee joint viscosupplementation injections have been a very successful method of pain relief for our patients. Ultrasound guidance assures that all the medication actually gets into the joint. Researchers have demonstrated it to be 86% effective in reducing pain and increasing function, while delaying or preventing total knee replacement surgery. The medication injections are followed with comprehensive customized therapy programs to ensure the best outcomes. If you are bothered by osteoarthritis knee pain, schedule your consultation to learn more about intra-articular knee joint viscosupplementation injections.

It is covered by most major insurances.

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