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Our fibromyalgia treatment program is a comprehensive approach to treating this misunderstood and often difficult to treat condition.
Fibromyalgia literally means "muscle pain from fibrotic scar tissue formation." We understand how this fibrotic tissue forms and how to break it down. We do not use any narcotic pain medications to cover up your symptoms while the fibrotic tissue continues to form. 
Using advanced blood analysis, we can prescribe the right supplements to correct the cause of the fibrotic tissue. Using our multidisciplinary team approach, we can break up the existing fibrotic tissue with muscle stimulation, ultrasound, laser, trigger point injections, myofascial release, soft tissue work, fascia blaster and other highly effective services.
Once we've corrected the underlying systems and broken up the existing fibrotic scar tissue, we can begin to develop a personalized exercise program.
Don't suffer from fibromyalgia
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